5. Reasoned Reality of Good And Reasoned Reality of Power

Article Abstract

Once evil entered the world through the murder of Abel by his brother Cain, humanity developed in two directions: one in which relationships among humans were based on power and violence and another one in which humans used the rationality that was the image of God in humans in order to choose good and reject evil. The two developments are presented by Genesis through the concept of genealogy through which the reasoned reality used by each model of society is passed down by parents to their children and in this way the reasoned reality is perpetuated. As a result, we have on the one hand the genealogy initiated by Cain in which his descendants adopted his violent mentality building cities and developing metallurgy in order to manufacture weapons, a genealogy that lasts only three or four generations in which a descendant of Cain, Lamech, kills his ancestor and then makes the prediction that he himself is going to be killed so that after him the genealogy no longer lists any descendant of Cain. On the other hand, we have another genealogy established by another son of Adam and Eve, Seth, about whom we are told that he was born in the image of his father about whom we know that God had created in his own image implying that he used the rationality with which God had endowed humans to distinguish between good and evil in order to choose what is good and reject what id evil. What characterizes the individuals in this genealogy is extremely long lives and not only that none of them dies young as a result of a violent death, but about Enoch we are told that he walked with God and even was claimed by God implying that this genealogy represents the kind of society and of human relationships that God intended for humans to follow at all times. What is surprising, is that Seth’s genealogy ends with a descendant whose name is also Lamech, a name that can only mean “towards downfall.” Consequently, the world ends up being full of violence and evil, and this surprising development is explained by the fact that men who were descendants of Seth who is described as being the son of God as a result of the fact that the was the son of Adam who had been created in the image of God, married women who were descendants of Cain and were available because the males were decimated as a result of the spiral of violence through killing and revenge. Since children were brought up and educated by their mothers and not by their fathers, they themselves became obsessed with killing and developing great physical strength so that they became the great heroes and killers that humanity has always been fascinated with. Once an explanation is provided why the world is full of violence and evil, since the world had been created by God, the expectation is not only that it is God’s responsibility to purge the world of all evil, but since he created the natural world, he must use a natural calamity such as a flood to eliminate all evil and create an evil-free world from scratch. Since God has always been blamed for tolerating evil by not purging it through natural disasters, God accepts the challenge in order to provide a rational solution to the problem of evil.


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