10. The Lot of Abraham and the Lot of Lot

Probably no reasonable person would question not only that the world is full of evil, but that the greatest perpetrators of evil are precisely the most civilized, and especially the Christians, whose central belief is to save the world from evil and dream of living in an evil-free world. The pervasiveness of evil is even more disturbing as the advances in technology not only has not diminished the suffering, but is actually the very source of the greatest human tragedies. What is even more disturbing is that the ones who cause the greatest sufferings are the very ones who claim to be the wisest and the greatest champions of fighting evil. For evil to be able to function on such a large scale, any person with a modicum of common sense would conclude that evil must be mightily organized on a universal scale by some Great Architect of Evil who is able to control the world by fooling people into believing that by their participation in such a demonic scheme they would elevate themselves above ordinary people simply by claiming to have received some light that no one else can see. Although to suppose that such a conspiracy of evil has always been able to exist in history and particularly today when the world seems to be so full of knowledge may be hard to imagine by those who like to think that human societies are just free and people are allowed to do what they just believe is right, the reality of the pervasiveness of evil – that no one can deny can only be explained if evil is organized as the story about the Tower of Babel describes and was explained in the previous article. If one cannot avoid the conclusion that evil must be organized as that story describes, then the obvious question that a reader of Genesis would expect to find explained next after reading the story about the Tower of Babel is: What is God’s answer to the problem? Read more…

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